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KodiakWeather.com was launched in 2010 because of the many requests from friends and business associates. Their request was not for a website, but for the addresses to my favorite weather station and webcam links. These requests became so frequent, that I decided to publish a website as a solution - visit KodiakWeather.com!

My expertise in designing marketing materials began with my first computer in 1994. As a young man growing up in rural Kodiak, I realized early on that marketing your business is the key to sustained success - especially when it comes to tourism. The methods for broadcasting your product or message are continually changing, and I was fortunate enough to develop my skills in film, computer graphics and design.

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Idaho in 2003. Since graduating, my main focus has been in the aviation industry with my floatplane service in Kodiak, Alaska, Kingfisher Air. Since 2003, I have helped design marketing materials and websites for several friends and their businesses. My day job is still as an aviator, but being a floatplane pilot in Kodiak Alaska offers many days unflyable, including the long winter season.

I have taken the organizational benefits of KodiakWeather.com statewide -- launching the AlaskaWeatherNetwork.com in the fall of 2013. Check out the list of sites at the upper right of this page in the dropdown box.

If you like this site, and are looking to make a new website, or redo an old one, check out www.KingfisherWebsites.com. Kingfisher Websites was started to provide a service to individuals or businesses who desire a professional website, that is reliable, timely and cost effective.



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