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Lets face it. Living in Alaska, the weather is a challenge that affects all of us on a day to day basis. Mariners, Aviators, Hikers or Nature Lovers have recently turned to the Internet for current weather and forecast information which have an affect on their activity.

As an aviator on Kodiak (who wants to be around for a long time), the dangers of being caught out in bad weather can be detrimental. In the past, we have kept a list of over 30 different links to weather resources on our 'favorites'. I have decided these 'favorites' should be available to everyone - in one easy to remember and access location and I launched kodiakweather.com

In addition to providing the current and forecast weather resources, our goal is to also have more remote sites share information about their weather conditions, and to install more webcams at remote locations. You support is greatly needed to keep this site and camera locations operational. IF YOU FIND THIS SITE USEFUL, please consider a small donation.

Advertising opportunities are available.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy! ~Kyle